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FAN ART: Nick Offerman (NSFW)

One of my favorite comedy shows that was on Netflix, once upon a time, was one from Nick Offerman. Specifically, AMERICAN HAM. The whole special was glorious. But at one moment, there was a comment about taking up a hobby, or what Offerman later called a discipline. And I couldn’t help but make a poster from it, and you can check it out below!


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So I have been eagerly awaiting the long-delayed WESTWORLD since it was announced! And now that it’s come, and it’s about to end, I thought what better way to celebrate the finale with some fan-art!

Hope you dig it!

And in the random chance that Jonathan Nolan, Lisa Joy, or any of the cast and crew happen to see this, well, LOVE THE SHOW! AND CAN’T WAIT FOR SEASON 2! 😀 Continue reading WEEKEND FAN-ART: ‘WESTWORLD’