The Business Notes from SDCC 2017!

Are you in the business of a full-time artist? Is pop-culture in your wheelhouse? Would Comic-Con International be THE trade show to go to you for you, but couldn’t make it out?

I know that was a lot of questions. But let me explain, being a full-time artist myself, one thing I’ve stated doing last year with putting together all my notes from business panels that I was able to attend, and share it with all of you. Continue reading The Business Notes from SDCC 2017!

Dreams and Goals

So in September 2015, I quit my job, started a company, Big Head Productions, and started chasing the childhood dream of making comics for a living. But all the while since, when people started asking about the company… had a little bit of trouble putting into words about what I hoped to accomplish with this venture, but then came Pennez.

I did a podcast with them. Over the course of it, talked about what I hoped to accomplish with the dream, the business, and all of the above.

Check it out below! Continue reading Dreams and Goals

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