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The Business Notes from SDCC 2017!

Are you in the business of a full-time artist? Is pop-culture in your wheelhouse? Would Comic-Con International be THE trade show to go to you for you, but couldn’t make it out?

I know that was a lot of questions. But let me explain, being a full-time artist myself, one thing I’ve stated doing last year with putting together all my notes from business panels that I was able to attend, and share it with all of you. Continue reading The Business Notes from SDCC 2017!

Looking to 2017 and Beyond…

So I’ve made a decision.

I’ve really never been one to discuss politics at length with friends. I’ve long since found that if one of my friends hold beliefs that differ from mine, discussing politics almost always goes to each party trying to convince the other to their point of view. And almost without fail, turns angry, and ends up going nowhere with the exception of 2 friends being angry at each other.

That is to say I won’t fight for what I believe in. I do. But ultimately I leave it at I respect a friend’s right to believe what they want, and I know they do mine. But still, as a rule, I try not to discuss politics.

But that was until the 2016 election…

Continue reading Looking to 2017 and Beyond…