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FAN ART: Nick Offerman (NSFW)

One of my favorite comedy shows that was on Netflix, once upon a time, was one from Nick Offerman. Specifically, AMERICAN HAM. The whole special was glorious. But at one moment, there was a comment about taking up a hobby, or what Offerman later called a discipline. And I couldn’t help but make a poster from it, and you can check it out below!


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Production has been underway for the last issue of LOST IN THE MIDDLE since before the Kickstarter was funded (THANK YOU BTW). But I’ve been drawing & designing tirelessly to get this done, not only for you, but with Planet Comicon next month, clock is ticking! Haha.

Either way, I don’t know if you guys follow me on social, but if not, here’s some work-in-progress pics. Hope you like ’em!

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