Website Updates

So as I am sure any Creative, whether they’re working PT or FT, can attest, your own work always falls by the wayside when it comes to more priority items. Which is definitely true for me. 

Whether it be Client work, or my comic & art business work, my marketing/branding/collateral always seems to get a little neglected, especially when it comes to my website. Well, I’m definitely working to change that.

I’m planning on a complete site redesign for 2018. But baby steps. As an initial step forward, I reorganized the site map for YELLOWRANT. It that, in it of itself, was overdue. With the actual work keeping me busy, when it came to my site updates, I realized I was tacking on categories and sections to where the user flow became a little bit of a hot mess. And really, can’t make the content annoying to navigate…

…so, that has finally changed.

You may not have noticed the hot mess before, and may not recognize the change that’s happened, as this update is arguably subtle. But I hope you’ll have an easier and more pleasant time finding and consuming content you’ve come to this site for.

As for the complete site redesign? Hope you’ll come back to see that happen!

If you’re curious, here’s the initial site map for the redesign, and that this update revolved around: