Help a Creative Out?

So what’s “Cosplaying in San Diego” all about? Well, it’s pretty much what I’m willing to do for you!

Some of you may know that the San Diego Comic-Con is next month, and I’ve been very lucky and fortunate to have made that trip for the past few years. But with each year, the trip gets more and more expensive. And as some of you may know that in 2015 I went the self-employment route to chase the dream of making art & telling stories full time.

And with that, the trip is even THAT much more expensive.

So I decided to swallow my pride, and ask for help to make the trip this year, and I started a Kickstarter.

If you wanted to support an artist & solopreneur, you can find the campaign here.

But if you want to support an artist, but don’t want to deal with Kickstarter and could give 2 shits about incentives… well, bless your heart, and you can PayPal some support below…

Thank you so much for your support!