Looking to 2017 and Beyond…

So I’ve made a decision.

I’ve really never been one to discuss politics at length with friends. I’ve long since found that if one of my friends hold beliefs that differ from mine, discussing politics almost always goes to each party trying to convince the other to their point of view. And almost without fail, turns angry, and ends up going nowhere with the exception of 2 friends being angry at each other.

That is to say I won’t fight for what I believe in. I do. But ultimately I leave it at I respect a friend’s right to believe what they want, and I know they do mine. But still, as a rule, I try not to discuss politics.

But that was until the 2016 election…

…because, honestly, Donald Trump as our President scares the SHIT out of me.

But where am I going with this? Well, it started with a friend of mine. She freelances full-time, and recently learned that she donates a percentage of her billables to charity. And couldn’t stop thinking how amazing that was!

And that got me thinking if there was anything I truly believed in? I mean, I’ve supported charities. Be it an organization reaching out, or a friend reaching out. If I was able, I would of course do my best to support them. But I couldn’t think of anything I was truly passionate about.

Then, a new client of mine did a promotion over Thanksgiving weekend, in which they will donate 20% of all proceeds to PLANNED PARENTHOOD. And, I was already in love with that client to begin with. But, yea, I fell a little harder for them (if that was possible) when they ran that promotion.

But it still left me wondering, “What do I believe in?”

Then came one of my heroes John Oliver…

…and just like that, it was like fucking light bulb flicked on in my brain. Because, in addition to Trump’s election, the appointments he’s making are absolutely terrifying to me. And I cannot help but agree with John Oliver in that not only the organizations he listed doing good for people, but I’m sure many others, are in danger.

So that decision I mentioned? Well, in 2017, in the same vein of my friend, and client, I am going to my best to donate a percentage of my monthly income to the organizations he listed, specifically:

Be it my freelance work, sales from my company Big Head Productions, or sales from my Zazzle store; Geekbox. I do plan on doing what I can to support these organizations.

I still have to figure out budgets and things. But that is the plan.

And I can’t stress enough, this is NOT a criticism towards my Republication friends that may have voted Trump. This is strictly my worry, my belief, and my plan to help our future, by helping organizations that help people and our environment. Because, for me, the current outlook for Trump’s administration scares the crap out of me. And quite frankly, we ARE stronger together.

I realize this might affect my bottom line in some instances in terms of lead gen for new clients and work. But I’m okay with that. I do hope though, others who share this post’s sentiment might do the same. 🙂

Here’s looking to 2017!