So Inktober is coming…

So I recently learned that INKTOBER is a thing? Turned out it’s something that was started by an illustrator, Jake Parker, I follow on YouTube. And since I’ve gone full-time solo, this sounds like a great project to undertake! Or as Jake might say, a great “product” to undertake!

You know, not like I don’t already have enough products on deck! Haha.

But if you’re an artist, your mind is running wild with what “inktober” might entail, and thinking you’d like to participate? Well, here are the rules…


For me, I think I’ll film each one, and post as patron posts on my Patreon page, as well on my YouTube page some time after.

And hopefully maybe see if I can publish a collection at the end of October.

Now what to draw? Haha.