Oh Filter Bubble, You Tease…

So if you’re not familiar with the Filter Bubble, essentially it’s a concept where, depending on your browsing history, search results will be adjusted to reflect that.

Not only on web searches, but online advertising as well. I mean, have you ever noticed on social media when there would be a paid ad from a retailer, but it would be for something you JUST were poking around the interwebs for?

BOOM! Filter Bubble!

But where am I going with this? Well, I just happened to poking around A.V. CLUB, and off to the side, I just happened to notice an ad for my comic that I put on digital!

And all I could think was, “Oh Filter Bubble, you colossal tease!”

But it was still cool to see! Haha.

Here’s a screen:


But whether or not it’s placement was made by the Bubble. I can only only hope, and would imagine, others would have a similar search profile. So maybe it’ll come up for others? We’ll see.

BUT if you didn’t know by now, I got a comic on ComiXology, you can check it out here. Enjoy!

OH! And if you wanted to check out that A.V. CLUB article I was poking at? You can read it here.