SKULLTROOPER Prints Are On Sale!

So for the longest time I’ve been wanting to mod blank vinyl toys, like the MUNNYs from Kidrobot™, and LORD KNOWS I’ve stockpiled quite a few blanks over the years. But there never seemed to be enough time in my day. I know, that sounds like a lame excuse, but it’s true. BUT that never stopped the desire to make something.

But what?

Well, as I thought about it, I noticed a trend with artists in the vinyl toy space. They either gravitated to skulls or Stormtroopers as a default, so I thought, “I’ll combine them!”, and enter the SKULLTROOPER!

So I laid out turnarounds for a whole slew of variants, all based around the MUNNY shape (you can see the product art here), but I thought as I try and figure out how to make this toy happen, I’d put up some of the art for sale as prints!

You can see all the prints below, and you can pick them up at my Zazzle Store today!