Oh Filter Bubble, You Tease…

So if you’re not familiar with the Filter Bubble, essentially it’s a concept where, depending on your browsing history, search results will be adjusted to reflect that.

Not only on web searches, but online advertising as well. I mean, have you ever noticed on social media when there would be a paid ad from a retailer, but it would be for something you JUST were poking around the interwebs for?

BOOM! Filter Bubble! Continue reading Oh Filter Bubble, You Tease…

Knockin’ on Doors…

So since last September, I’ve been full-time freelance/self-employed. And let me tell you, it’s been a learning curve to be sure. One of the many things learned? Summers are definitely slow for creative freelancers.

But as we head into the Fall, been ramping up on some lead generation, starting with social media, and I thought I’d share the post image with you… Continue reading Knockin’ on Doors…


So every now and again I’m asked to help out a non-profit, or a friend with a start-up… you know, basically being asked to work pro-bono. Which I’m happy to do, depending on the project and/or nature of the company or organization.

So recently, I was asked to come up with some social media assets for a staged reading of the play MIDDLE BROTHER, by Eric Sharp.  Continue reading MIDDLE BROTHER

So You Want to Work in Pop-Culture?

Really, who doesn’t want to work in entertainment?

So I’ve been very lucky to have been able to head to the San Diego Comic-Con for the past 6 years. And since year 1, I’ve tried to line up meetings both in the Portfolio Review area, as well as individual company booths for possible freelance leads in the entertainment industry. Cause, let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to to make fun things for a living? 😀

So this post is for all of you, that might be like me, who’s hungry to work in pop-culture, but can’t make it out to SDCC to meet and greet people.

How? Well, after the jump, you can find notes I received on my book this year. Hopefully it’ll help you on your journey to make fun shit for a living… Continue reading So You Want to Work in Pop-Culture?

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