Okay, so since the first year I’ve been going to San Diego for Comic-Con, my friends would always ask, “So are you going to cosplay?”

But, outside of the involuntary geeking out, one of the main reasons I go is trying to get pop-culture work. And that’s a little hard to do if I was in a complex costume. So when I’d say, “No, not gonna cosplay.” The shit giving would follow.

And with each following year, the question would always come, same answer given, and same shit tossed.

So, with SDCC right around the corner, I know I threw out a challenge to Conan O’Brien for Korean Conan, I started issuing a challenge back to my friends. You know, if they REALLY want me to cosplay at SDCC… Continue reading COSPLAY CHALLENGE!


HOLY GEEZ! Thank you so much to everyone who supported my Indiegogo campaign! Those of you who know me, know that making art, telling stories has been a dream of mine since as long as I can remember. And the support has been amazing, and I can’t thank you enough!

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Off to Diamond You Go!

So it’s no secret that I’ve started down this entre/solo-preneur path of creating and publishing comics through my company Big Head Productions. And with that process is the submissions package to the distributor. Well, that love child recently got sent to Diamond Comic Distributors for consideration, and I thought you’d like to see what went into it.

Check out the video after the jump! Continue reading Off to Diamond You Go!

Favorite Moment of Planet Comicon?

So Planet Comicon is not done yet, but my favorite moment so far? A girl named Chanci. This super enthusiastic woman bought some original art from me, and she was just so in love with it, she had to have it.

Her energy just made me smile. And the fact that a piece of work I did could have such an affect on someone, heartwarming.

Thank you Chanci for making my weekend! 😀

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