Tips in Business…

One of Disney’s Twitter accounts posts the occasional career advice, and here’s one that came across my feed this morning. Check it out after the jump.

Your Inspiration for the Day

Do More Of What Makes You Happy! — Johnny Cupcakes (@JohnnyCupcakes) January 2, 2015

Food for Thought

“The process of developing a story is one of discovery.” —Pete Docter #PixarPerspective — Disney•Pixar (@DisneyPixar) August 6, 2014

That Time of Year Again!

  Huh, it’s funny… as I get ready for the San Diego Comic-Con tomorrow, looking at the post history, I’m realizing I really haven’t posted since this time last year… I really should be better about that, haha.


A piece that was done for KC Magazine. They had a call for submissions for work in some way inspired by the city, and this is what came to mind for me.


Kansas City, MO

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