Getting Ready for Comic-Con

SDCC mast

In a little under a week, I’ll be off to San Diego for my annual pilgrimage to the Nerd Mecca that is the San Diego Comic-Con. And like every year, to go with the anticipated geek-gasms, is to bring work to show publishers and scouts a like the pretty I make.

You know, I’d like part of my livelihood to involve drawing. I mean, I can only stare at a computer screen for so long! :D

Anyway, part of the prep, putting together a leave-behind (thank you ad-agency brainwashing :P) that representatives can take with them. And I thought I’d share some behind-the-scenes pics of the production.

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Hey Guys,

Welcome to Yellowrant Creative.

What’s Yellowrant you ask? Really it’s nothing more than a name. Just a place to showcase my work, both professional and personal. Working in advertising and marketing, specifically in creative departments over the years, I think any Creative will tell you that you should have a site. BUT like most Creatives, my site had been a placeholder image for the longest time.

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